Taking on the 30 day challenge

This August, fellow surface pattern designer Mable Tan has organised for a 30 patterns in 30 days challenge, and I am on board. If you think 30 days is daunting, let me tell you she actually considers this the bite-sized version of the 100 patterns in 100 days challenge. She went for this to improve technical skills but found it to be beneficial in other surprising ways (you can read about it on her blog, linked below). 

My reason for participating is primarily to see if I can recognise any distinct style that I can then hone in on. Many pattern designers talk about having a signature style, and although it might not be necessary for everyone, it is peaking my curiousity and if there is anything I am learning about myself over the past couple of weeks, it is that I do want to put out work I can be proud of. Moreover, having slowed down of late to get up my website, set up email, explore social media, and all that fun back-end stuff, I feel pressed to get back to the drawing board and pump out some designs.

In addition, I plan to share my designs and design process on social media, which means a goal of 60 posts! Will I achieve all this and take care of my kids – a preschooler and an almost toddler? We shall see. Of course the latter takes priority so if it doesn’t work out to perfection, I will be kind and take it all in stride.

It might help to throw in a quick reminder here that this work is a form of play for me – something that sparks joy and a is medium of perpetual fulfilment! I love the idea of work as play because it gives each step a profound lightness and lifts me up.

Now no time to lose, let’s get cracking on those designs.

Read about why Mable thinks it’s important to keep making patterns here

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