Preschool Adventures

Trials of preschool hunting and detaching

This morning was like many other school mornings. I started slowly, checking to see that I had plenty of time before we had to send Alessa off with her snack and lunch bag, and then rushing in the final 5-10 minutes. Today was special because it is also Luke's second trial day at a preschool we like. He has had second trial days at preschools before, for trials that did not end as we had hoped. We are hopeful yet again, and while he enjoyed his morning playing out in the huge sandpit, he chose not to enter the classroom, and we left with me feeling slightly defeated once more.

School hunting has been tough, I wonder Am I making it harder than it needs to be?


Preschool trial day 3 went well! We made strides getting Luke to step into the classroom without me, after realising there is a window through which he can still see me. It was snack time so having him sit by the window for a snack was, we found, the way in (after sitting outside the class for over 30 minutes). Teacher Caryn was wonderful, and really helped to facilitate the transition with her presence and understanding.

I am so proud of you Lukey, I know this was a big step for you, and your natural curiosity and desire to learn, grow and play really came through today to help you overcome whatever fear was holding you back. So. Much. Love.