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Family or Systemic Constellations is a process that brings the unconscious into the conscious. It can help us identify the underlying dynamics of our current relationships and experiences, and align instead to more peace, love, joy and fulfilment.


Family Constellation or Systemic Constellation was developed by the German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, who was inspired by conflict resolution strategies in the Zulu culture while he was in South Africa as a missionary. This approach is now used worldwide by therapists, coaches, and certified facilitators to help people identify ancestral trauma and tragedy that has had an unconscious rippling effect in their lives.

In a session, representatives in the form of either objects (in a private session) or people (in a group session) are placed in and informed by “the field” to bring us awareness of the underlying dynamics of the system. From here a beautiful process and movement often takes place that we can observe. It has been described as a visual mapping of the system of which we are a part. When a system is in order, we experience harmony. When it is not in order, we feel it too.

Through awareness and acknowledgement of whatever we see, we can free ourselves from unnecessary entanglements with the past, plant the seeds for change, and find a greater sense of peace and freedom to create the life we dream of. Family Constellations can help us create healthy bonds with our lineage that support and strengthen us from our roots up.

Constellations may not always be related to ancestry, but sheds light other systems that affects our lives, such as aspects of the self and the physical body. Whatever needs to come up in that moment, will.


“It’s difficult to explain the enormity of the experience. I feel generations of weight have dropped away and a brightness fills my body. Jac is an amazing guide and teacher. I’d totally recommend her workshop – WOW!”


“The feeling of relief and delight lasted for days and I was free from sufferings. It was like an angel’s touch.”


“Thank you Jaclyn – you are awesome… what you are doing is awesome. This work has helped me profoundly!”


“This was an absolutely amazing experience. I appreciated the safe environment you created and you gently facilitated movement and progress throughout the constellation.”


“Jaclyn is amazing! The special skill she brings to her healing work is so valuable – the sensitivity to energy, the safe space to look at the challenging issues and her general vibes of acceptance and love have helped me to find peace of mind countless times. I can’t thank her enough for having exposed me to family constellations and many of her other unique healing modalities!”


“When I first heard about family constellations I was curious, but hesitant and skeptical. It took me two years to actually join a group session and I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity. I am now a believer! Jaclyn is a wonderful facilitator and created a beautiful, safe space. Thank you for sharing this great modality!




I have a number of healing modalities in my toolkit, from family constellations, to reiki, to meditation. Most people achieve a greater sense of peace with an issue they bring up in a private or group session. To me, this indicates a real energy shift has taken place. If you’re interested, click the button to book on my calendar or contact me if you have any questions.