Hi! My name is Jaclyn, I’m a surface designer currently based in Malaysia. I have also lived in Indonesia, Thailand and Australia, with family ties in the USA. 

After pursuing a diploma in Interior Design and Decoration, I joined the family retail business, designing furniture and home accessories. I later left in search for answers to life’s big questions and became an energy healing practitioner with a keen interest in mental and emotional health. In the meantime, I met the man of my dreams and we got married and started a family and business of our own.

Surface pattern design reignited my passion for visual art and in 2020 I was able to pursue the craft. Being a mother of two, I find pockets of time throughout the day and night to do the work that I love. I design from everyday life as our current family home and its flourishing garden provides me with plenty of inspiration. 

I am looking to collaborate with businesses and organisations that make social responsibility a priority, and intend for my artwork to be used for the good of humanity and the world.