Did I just reinvent Myself?

Waittaminute… wasn’t there another website here before? 

Yes! What happened? 

I’ve dabbled in art and craft for a long time – from studying Interior Design and Decoration to taking up painting, beading, pottery, sewing, and trying my hand at loads more including pattern design, but I was always distracted by the search for meaning that took me on a 15 year long soul-searching journey. 

During that time I met my husband and became a mom. I immersed myself in my new role, battled depression and joyfully became a mom for the second time. By this time, I had emerged from my search and made strides in becoming a happier person, but there was more to come.

Around March 2020, when the world stayed home, including my husband, I finally took the opportunity to learn surface pattern design. I don’t know if it was because I had my husband home, or I had the chance to do something for myself, but my heart soared, and I felt sparks of the joy I had been looking for. I discovered just how important it was to me to be creative. 

Which brings us to today. Just over 50 patterns later, I am laying the foundations for my newfound passion, making plans and above all, having fun. And I’m inviting you along this exciting journey of building a creative business. I’ll be sharing whatever I think will benefit my readers, other creatives who are starting out, and the masters in the field who are always open to learning more.

If you would like to stay in the loop, you are welcome to opt-in below. Let’s make our dreams a reality and support one another in our chosen craft.

Gathering inspiration in the courtyard and garden, where the possibilities are endless.